The Alteco® LPS Adsorber  

The Alteco® LPS Adsorber is a unique solution for extracorporeal removal of endotoxin (LPS). It can be used either for patients with verified gram-negative sepsis caused by gastro-intestinal perforation, complications after abdominal surgery and uro-genital sepsis but patients with other sources of sepsis such as burns and complications after organ transplant could also respond to treatment.

By using modern biotechnology procedures, a safe non-toxic product, based on a synthetic tailor-made peptide, has been created. The peptide involved can selectively bind several times the amount of endotoxin found in patients with severe sepsis.

Usage of the Alteco® LPS Adsorber has no reported side effects, contraindications and no known drug interactions. It offers an efficient means of treatment for patients suffering from endotoxemia and sepsis, and has been used successfully in ICU’s around the world for treating more than 1500 patients.

Simple to use ‒ safe and effective
The Alteco® LPS Adsorber is used in an extracorporeal circuit, using either a CRRT monitor or a blood pump. Set-up is quick and easy using standard dialysis blood lines from a central dialysis catheter. Once the system has been rinsed and primed with heparin (15 min.), hemoperfusion can start. Heparin is used for anticoagulation and a continuous blood flow of 150 ± 50 ml/min is required. Treatment is recommended from 2 up to 6 hours and one session is usually sufficient to achieve improvement. However, in severe cases with persistent vasopressor dependency, repeated procedures can be performed.

The optimal effect of the product is achieved if the endotoxemia can be reverted in an early stage. When endotoxemia is suspected, treatment should be initiated as early as possible for patients with vasopressor dependent sepsis.

The Alteco® LPS Adsorber is a non-toxic, drug-free medical device Class IIa designed for hemoperfusion treatment, developed and manufactured by Alteco Medical AB, Lund, Sweden.

For further information about the use of the Alteco® LPS Adsorber, please or your local distributor.