Kflow Epic Split Catheters Kflow-Epic-Split-Catheters

Long-term Chronic Dialysis Catheters

Kflow Epic Split Dialysis Catheter has been developed for attaining long-term vascular access for haemodialysis and apheresis.

The biocompatible carbothane lumen construction is key to providing excellent tensile strength, flexibility and superior kink resistance.

Kflow Epic Split  long-term haemodialysis catheters are radiopaque, with a polyester cuff to promote tissue in-growth for fixation of the catheter in a subcutaneous tunnel. These dual lumen catheters are to be connected to the blood line of the dialysis machine.

The Kflow Epic Split Dialysis Catheter consists of a marked catheter tube,  a split tip and is available in straight and pre curved configurations. For a stepped tip version of this catheter see Kflow Epic Haemo Dialysis Catheter

The Kflow Epic Split Dialysis Catheter  is used for antegrade dialysis catheter placement. For a retrograde version see Kflow Epic Retro Split Dialysis Catheter.